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How to Reschedule your Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Fall ‘13

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Some customers of xRM have asked us about a peculiar message that recently appeared in their CRM Online organizations. If you are currently a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online subscriber, you too may have noticed this mysterious message notifying you when your organization’s upgrade to CRM Online Fall ’13 is currently scheduled. You will also receive email notifications from Microsoft 90, 30, 15, and 7 days before your scheduled upgrade date. You will not see this message or receive these emails, however, if you are currently evaluating a trial of CRM Online.

Determining your CRM Online upgrade date

To determine when your account is scheduled to be updated, log in to your CRM organization. You should see anUpdate scheduled message at the top of the screen (see below). “Your update to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Fall ’13 is now scheduled for….” In the screenshot below, the update is scheduled for 1/5/2014, but your date may fall between October and January.

How to Reschedule your Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Fall ‘13

Rescheduling your CRM Online upgrade date

Clicking the “Learn More” button will allow you to access the page from which you can reschedule your upgrade. The page provides you with two links: “Reschedule update” and “About this update” (see below).

How to Reschedule your Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Fall ‘13

Click the “Reschedule update” link. You are now asked to pick a Preferred Date and Time (see below). Select a date and time frame when you would like the upgrade to take place. You will also be asked to choose an Alternate Date and Time that is at least 7 days after your preferred date.

How to Reschedule your Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Fall ‘13

Once you click “Ok”, your upgrade date is successfully rescheduled.

Why delay the upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Fall ’13?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Fall ’13 offers some significant upgrades from CRM Online 2011. These upgrades include a new process-driven, simplified user interface, expanded mobility functionality, Yammer and Skype integration, and more.

With these new features, why would anyone want to delay the upgrade? There are two main reasons. First, CRM Online Fall ’13 has a new user interface that differs substantially in look and feel from the UI in CRM Online 2011. You may want to educate your users about the changes that new version will bring and train them to use the new UI. Second, you may have solutions developed by independent software vendors (ISVs) or custom code that you developed yourself that may not be immediately compatible with CRM Online Fall ’13. ISVs received the new version recently, and are likely working feverishly to update their products. If you are dependent on one or more of these solutions, you may want to delay the upgrade until the ISVs certify that the solutions are ready to work with the new version of CRM Online. You will also want to make sure that any custom code you have installed is also compatible. Work with the developers of your custom code to determine its compatibility. You will want to reschedule your upgrade date to give your team enough time to update your code and test it before Microsoft upgrades your CRM organization.

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