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Feature Spotlight: Read-optimized Forms

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Read-optimized forms were introduced to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2011 when Microsoft released Update Rollup 7 in March of 2012. Read-optimized forms load quicker than standard forms, because they load essential details from the CRM Online database in read-only mode.

Below is an example of a read-optimized form.

Feature Spotlight Read-optimized Forms

Do you notice how the Ribbon is missing? The Ribbon was removed to improve the loading time of read-optimized forms. The other main optimization to these forms is that they are “read-only”. That means that you will be unable to make any changes to any of the fields in a read-optimized form. There’s a button on every read-optimized form (we’ve circled it in the example above) that loads the standard version of that form if you need to make changes.

Notes are displayed at the bottom of read-optimized forms, although they are also read-only. You’ll need to switch to the standard form to add new notes or edit existing ones.

Read-optimized forms support IFrames, although custom client API is unsupported. Activity Feeds and Web resources are also supported, but they won’t display form customizations that include other web resources and custom scripts. If you open a record of an entity that’s been modified by Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2011 customizations or configurations that include custom web resources or scripts, it will load in a standard form instead of a read-optimized form.

Your system administrator determines whether standard forms or read-optimized forms are used by default when opening a record. Users can override this setting in the Set Personal Options dialog.

Feature Spotlight Read-optimized Forms

Although read-optimized forms should be easy for your users to adopt, training in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is always an option to accelerate learning. Knowledge from an expert can go a long way in helping you and your users take advantage of every feature in CRM Online 2011.

Training isn’t the only way you can learn from the experts, we’ve also built a Success Portal for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online that is full of video-walkthroughs aimed at users of all calibers. The videos we host on the Success Portal cover both basic and advanced features of CRM Online 2011.

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