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Is my CRM Online data safe in the “cloud”?

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This is a common question from our customers, and we’ve even been asked about it on this blog for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Many Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online subscribers are concerned with only having digital access to their data; they worry about just how safe the “cloud” really is. 

In July of 2012, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Trust Center (pictured below) was made available to the public.

Is my CRM Online data safe in the “cloud”?

The Trust Center is a website that is full of illuminating security information for customers or potential customers. It details how your data is protected, where it’s protected, and who it’s protected by. It aims to keep this protection transparent, so you’re sure that your data is in capable and trusted hands. Finally yet importantly, several third-party security audits and certifications are listed on the Trust Center, including the industry standard ISO 27001 and Safe Harbor certifications. Microsoft will even comply with the HIPAA-Business Associate Agreement upon request.

Right before the Trust Center launch, Microsoft also updated White Paper: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Security and Service Continuity. The White Paper describes Microsoft’s security approaches towards several risk areas. 

If you have a question about the security of CRM Online, Microsoft has probably answered it in the Trust Center or in the White Paper. We recommend starting with the Trust Center, and then moving on to the White Paper if you find it necessary. If you’re still unconvinced about the security of CRM Online, maybe on-premise Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the right model for you.

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