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Could you use free CRM Online training?

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We’ve all had some kind of experience in the work environment with “new” and “improved” software. Usually it starts with one of those 8-hour long company meetings where you and all your coworkers are sitting in one big conference room with a “trained representative” from the company. The trained representative attempts to transfer all of his knowledge and expertise to you in one day, and then you never see him again.

There has to be a better way.

As a company that provides hosting and development for a large client base, the traditional classroom-training model just does not work for us. We simply have too many customers to train, even if they all wanted to pay us! So how did we solve this problem? We developed a model of training that doesn’t require a physical classroom. We call our virtual Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online classroom the “Success Portal by”

When you visit the Success Portal, you’ll follow a literal “road to knowledge” (see below).

 Could you use free CRM Online training

All you have to do now is click a topic that interests you, and you are presented with a list of guided walkthrough videos related to that topic. This is where the real knowledge is! Each video is narrated by one of our expert instructors and walks you through a specific topic, such as “Adding a Contract Line” (see below).

 Could you use free CRM Online training

We didn’t completely ditch the classroom approach, the videos are organized as “classes” and they guide you up a smooth academic slope towards CRM proficiency. After watching a video on the Success Portal, you’ll receive an e-mail that summarizes the content of the video, and it serves as a handy reference in the future. We also offer an extensive and growing number of quizzes that test what you have learned. You can take them or not; the quizzes are optional.

 Could you use free CRM Online training

Users of all types, from rookies to seasoned veterans, find immediate benefit in training for Microsoft CRM. Investing even a short amount of time into professional CRM Online education can make a world of difference. You’ll learn more than the best practices of simple tasks, you’ll also learn how to use features such as Reporting, Mail Merge, Duplicate Detection, and Workflows.

As “proud parents” of the Success Portal, we could talk about it for hours on end. We’ll save you the bore, but keep this in mind: CRM Online education doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t have to be costly. You and your fellow coworkers can learn free at your own pace using the Success Portal, and you can always return for a quick visit to refresh on important topics!

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