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Upcoming changes to CRM Online 2011 Q2 2012 Service Update / Release

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We’ve been waiting patiently for the next major update to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2011, the Q2 2012 Service Update, since Microsoft nick-named it “CRM Anywhere” in February of this year. You might have also heard it referred to as the Q2 2012 Service Release, or R8.  If you’ve been following our xRM Blog on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you probably know that the Q2 2012 Service Update is packed full of new features, including Microsoft SQL Server 2012 support, cross-browser support, Industry templates, certifications for online services, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile (thus the name, “CRM Anywhere”).

Microsoft recently made some sweeping changes to the upcoming update. Greg Nichols of Microsoft detailed the changes fully in a blog post titled Release Dates, Build numbers, and Collaterals. Here’s the scoop:

  • The update formerly known as Q2 2012 Service Update (including the following features; Cross-browser support, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile, Industry templates, certifications for online services, and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 support) is being merged with the Q4 2012 Service Update, and will be released later this year.
  • Originally, Update Rollup 9 contained the features listed in the bullet point above. Since these features are being merged with the Q4 2012 Service Update and released later in the year, UR9 is being skipped completely.
  • All of the hotfixes that were originally contained in UR9 are being merged with UR10, which will release in August 2012.
  • A new Q4 2012 Service Update Release Preview Guide will be published by Microsoft this summer, and will fully detail all of the features being released.

Greg Nichols stated the following when inquired about the reason for releasing these features later in the year: “Because all Service Releases are quality-driven … not date-driven, so projected ship dates can change and therefore be misleading.  Look for press releases and/or blogs from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Product Group regarding release dates of upcoming Service Releases.”

If this statement reads ambiguously to you, let us try to clear things up. Our interpretation is that Microsoft simply needs more time to test and developer these features into a quality product before releasing them to the public. In fact, Microsoft will continue to provide access to their R8 online test environment for their Microsoft CRM Technical Preview Program Update participants until July 31, 2012.

If you can’t wait for Q4 to begin using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile, a similar solution is offered by a third-party, CWR Mobility. You can learn more about CWR Mobility, and even watch videos that walk you through using the solution at the Success Portal for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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