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Developer alert: Dynamics XRM Tools 1.0 beta release

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If you do any developing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM or CRM Online, you might like to know about the recent release of Dynamics XRM Tools 1.0 beta on CodePlex, an open source project website hosted by Microsoft. It bundles several developer tools that previously were available individually, including Statistics, OData Query Designer, JavaScript Converter, and Metadata Browser. It also has a new Configuration tab for configuring the other tools. Importing the tools in a single solution is quick and centralizes them in one location.

Dynamics XRM Tools was initially developed by Rhett Clinton and Ramon Tebar, and is available for both Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and on-premise Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployments. You download the Dynamics XRM Tools in a .zip file and then import it into Microsoft Dynamics CRM or CRM Online as a Solution. Once you have imported Dynamics XRM Tools, to use them, navigate to Settings > Dynamics XRM Tools > Start (see below). Then access any tool by opening its tab, such as Odata Query Designer, and clicking the relevant button (Designer in this example) to launch the tool.

 Developer alert Dynamics XRM Tools 1.0 beta release

There is a Dynamics XRM Tools discussion group for those who want to review the product with their peers and provide feedback before the full release.

For the latest on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the xRM developer community, follow our Microsoft Dynamics CRM blog. When Dynamics XRM Tools 1.0 is released, we’ll post a fully detailed follow-up developer alert.

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