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Are you qualified to receive free Microsoft subsidies?

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The Big Easy Offer is back! The Big Easy Offer is a promotion that provides qualified customers with subsidy checks.

You’re probably asking, “Who are these qualified customers, and what are subsidy checks?” Customers who purchase eligible Microsoft software licenses between March 5, 2012 and June 30, 2012 are qualified. Subsidy checks are written by Microsoft, payable to a Microsoft Reseller or Partner of your choice to subsidize your purchase of additional products or services through that partner. That helps flesh out the implementation process and lowers your total costs. For example, if you purchase eligible Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online licenses, you may want to use your subsidy to purchase professional Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online training from

Here’s a full list of the eligible products that quality for the offer, including Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, and more. You can even calculate your savings ahead of time. Big Easy 8 cannot be combined with Microsoft Cash Rebate, Partner Subsidy, or discounted SKU promotions. However, it is compatible with most Open License and Open Value programs.

Once you have completed an eligible transaction, you have 30 days to register it at the Microsoft Incentives Big Easy 8 website. Registering additional transactions increases your total subsidy.

Within eight weeks of each registration, Microsoft calculates your subsidy and sends you a subsidy check. You then have 90 days to spend it on products or services from your partner.

The following Microsoft web pages are available regarding the Big Easy 8 Offer:

Big Easy 8 Offer Terms & Conditions

Big Easy 8 Frequently Asked Questions

Big Easy 8 Home Page

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