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Personalizing CRM Online 2011: The Home Page

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What’s the first thing you do after signing in to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2011? Do you navigate away from the default dashboard to another area such as Sales?

Personalization is greatly enhanced in CRM Online 2011 and one of the easiest yet most satisfying ways to personalize CRM Online 2011 is to set your home page. This determines what CRM Online 2011 first displays after you sign in. It’ll save you lots of navigating minutes over the coming months. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do this before!

Note: Any CRM Online user can perform this task. No special security role or permission is required.

Below is a (reduced) screen shot of the default home page that most people see when they first sign in: the Workplace pane and the Dashboards tab. In “breadcrumb navigation” notation, that’s written Workplace > My Work > Dashboards.

 Personalizing CRM Online 2011 The Home Page

Let’s change the home page to something a salesperson might like to start with instead. For example, Sales > Opportunities.

Open the File menu and click Options. (See below.)

 Personalizing CRM Online 2011 The Home Page

A new window opens, titled Set Personal Options (see below). In the General tab, under Select your home page and settings for Get Started Panes, open the Default Pane drop down list and choose the Sales pane as your default pane.

 Personalizing CRM Online 2011 The Home Page

Notice the Default Tab drop down list changes to offer the tabs or areas within Sales. (See below.) Choose the Opportunities tab as your default tab and click OK.

 Personalizing CRM Online 2011 The Home Page

Now when you sign in, CRM Online 2011 displays Sales > Opportunities. (See reduced below.)

 Personalizing CRM Online 2011 The Home Page

Taking a minute to set these two simple options can save you a lot of time on the long run, but you might not have known you could do that. That’s what is for. is a Microsoft Partner that specializes in Microsoft Business Solutions. We also offer Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online training designed for anyone from end users to executives to IT personnel. Are you interested in becoming a Dynamics customer, but hesitant to take the plunge? Feel free to read through some xRM Case Studies and view the Microsoft recognition has received during its exploration of the innovative CRM xRM industry space for more than a decade.

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