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See Rapid Results with Quick Campaigns

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In Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2011, campaigns allow you to track the activities, costs, lists, planning, responses, and schedules of your marketing and outreach efforts. has also created a Constant Contact integration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM in order to extend this campaign functionality. There are some cases however, that simply require you to distribute a campaign activity, such as a letter, phone call, or e-mail, to an impromptu list without the overhead and tracking of a full campaign. With CRM Online, you can distribute a single campaign activity to a group of accounts, contacts, leads, or marketing lists.

This task requires permissions that are found in any default marketing or sales security roles in Microsoft CRM Online (CEO-Business Manager, Marketing Manager, Marketing Professional, Sales Manager, Salesperson, System Administrator, Vice President of Marketing, and Vice President of Sales). In this walkthrough, we will create a quick campaign in order to track follow-up tasks for a group of Lead records.

1. In the Marketing module, click Leads in the left navigation pane (see below). Select the records you wish to include in this quick campaign. In the Add tab of the ribbon, click the Quick Campaign button. Choose For Selected Records from the drop-down menu, which will then open the Create Quick Campaign Wizard form.

 See Rapid Results with Quick Campaigns CRM Online

2. The first page of the Create Quick Campaign Wizard (see below) outlines the steps you are about to take. Click Next to proceed.


3. The next page of the wizard appears (see below). Enter a name for this quick campaign. For the purposes of this walkthrough, we will name it “Sample Leads Quick Campaign”, and then click Next to continue.

 See Rapid Results with Quick Campaigns CRM Online

4. The next page of the wizard appears (see below) where we select the activity type and decide who will own the activities. There are a few choices, but for this campaign, we are designating a phone campaign to ourselves. In order to do this, select Phone Call in the Activity Type box. For the Assign these activities to option, select Me. Once we are done, click Next.

 See Rapid Results with Quick Campaigns CRM Online

5. Since we chose Phone Call as the activity type in the previous step, we are presented with the Phone Call form (see below). Fill out the Subject and Description fields, and then click Next. Note that only the Subject field requires data entry, as specified by the red asterisk.

See Rapid Results with Quick Campaigns CRM Online

6. The final step of the wizard summarizes the specifications of the quick campaign (see below). If everything is correct, click Create to complete the wizard.

See Rapid Results with Quick Campaigns CRM Online 

7.  After completion, you can verify that you have successfully created your new quick campaign by clicking Quick Campaigns in the left navigation pane in the Marketing module (see below) and seeing it listed in the view.

 See Rapid Results with Quick Campaigns in CRM Online

8. The final step would be to follow up on the phone call activities generated by the quick campaign, and make the calls. The user to whom the phone calls were assigned can find them in the Workplace module, under Activities (see below).

See Rapid Results with Quick Campaigns in CRM Online 

If you want to learn more tips and tricks for CRM Online, we invite you to sign up for the CRM Success Portal. There you will find tutorial videos that will improve your CRM Online skill set, including a video about the Constant Contact integration with Microsoft CRM.

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