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Boost Collaboration by Sharing Saved Views in CRM Online

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Did you know that in Microsoft CRM Online 2011 you can share a saved view with your coworkers? In CRM Online, not only can users create custom views for quick and easy access to important records, but they can also give their fellow users access to these custom views. This comes in handy if a custom view would benefit a team in your organization. Instead of each member having to create the view individually on their own time, one user can create it, and then share it with the members of the group.

This task requires permissions found in all default security roles in CRM Online and can be performed in all deployment models of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 including on-premises and CRM Online.

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough on how to share a saved view:

1.  In the ribbon, click Advanced Find (see below). Please note that for the purposes of this walkthrough, all images are stills of a reduced window. In a maximized window, the Advanced Find button will appear without the need of a dropdown menu.

Boost collaboration crm online

2. Once the Advanced Find window appears, click the Saved Views button in the ribbon (see below).

Boost collaboration crm online

3. Select the saved view you wish to share by clicking on the corresponding checkbox (see below). Click the Share button in the ribbon.

Boost collaboration crm online

4. The “Who would you like to share the selected saved view with?” window will appear. On the left side of the window, click Add User/Team (see below). 

Boost collaboration crm online

5. The “Look Up Records” window will appear (see below). This is where you identify the users you wish to share your view with. Check the box next to the corresponding user(s) or team(s), and then click Add. Once you have specified everyone you wish to share the saved view with, click OK.

Boost collaboration crm online 

The saved view is now accessible to the designated user(s).

Sharing saved views is one of the many ways CRM Online fosters collaboration. can offer you more tips and strategies on how to better leverage your CRM Online solution through our CRM Online training. We also invite you to sign up for our CRM Success Portal to view our CRM Online tutorial videos. For information, please follow our Call to Action.

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