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New Interview with Microsoft Dynamics CRM General Manager Brad Wilson: The Cloud

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This video interview with Microsoft Dynamics CRM General Manager Brad Wilson is titled, “What percentage of customers are deploying in the cloud?” The title is a bit misleading since Wilson primarily focuses on the customer’s power of choice between on-premise (on-premises) and cloud deployments, as well as the ability to seamlessly transition from one to the other. If your company is looking to deploy a Dynamics CRM solution, or you are considering changing the deployment model of your current Dynamics CRM instance, you may find this video useful.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM General Manager Brad Wilson discusses cloud and on-premise deployments of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft’s commitment to the cloud provides Dynamics CRM customers with flexibility. In the video, Wilson reiterates that customers have options in deployment models, and can choose that which is best suited for their company. Larger companies with sound IT resources may be better off with an on-premise solution. Smaller businesses with a limited infrastructure could benefit most from a cloud solution. Businesses can choose to deploy a hybrid solution as well. “I want to make sure the technology is embraced by a wide range of companies, and then they decide how they want to ultimately deploy the technology,” says Wilson.

Another aspect of the cloud Wilson is embracing is the trial capability. Customers can engage first through a free, cloud-delivered CRM product trial (with no reduction of functionality). This allows any business to make a smarter investment, having tested the product first. Wilson states, “Giving people a choice, letting people make that decision, is our fundamental strategy.”

It is a simple process to move between the cloud and on-premise for Dynamics CRM customers. Additionally, a company that has purchased Dynamics CRM software in the past can be moved to a cloud solution as part of their software assurance (SA) agreement. According to Wilson, the goal is to be as open and flexible as possible for the customer base. is a Microsoft Certified Partner, and as such, we can help you through all stages of the software lifecycle. provides services such as customizations, application hosting, and consulting. With a handful of deployment models to choses from, can help you identify, launch, and maintain the best possible business solution.

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