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On Demand Assistance Plan

Is designed to provide on-demand CRM consulting services through our prepaid blocks of time. Maybe you have some ideas about what you would like your CRM solution to do for your business, but you are not quite sure how to translate your ideas into practice. Or, you have requirements that you gathered yourself (or paid another consultant to gather) that you are ready to implement. Or, maybe you need assistance with a few small customization or integration projects.

Buying a prepaid block of consulting time allows you to access our Professional Services in convenient blocks of time that never expire. Buy a prepaid block of 10 hours to get you started on your projects with on-demand assistance from the CRM experts at xRM.

Engagement Model #2 compliments Engagement Model # 1 nicely as you can access our Professional Services any time you are ready. Leverage our resources on an as-needed basis by purchasing 10-hour discounted prepaid blocks of time that never expire. The time is consumed in thirty-minute increments and is administered on a first-come-first-served basis.