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Our Customers

"I have been working with the XRM team for over 5 years and have been very impressed with the depth of the team’s knowledge. They are always able to provide guidance and solutions to our problems, I would highly recommend them to anyone using or contemplating MS CRM, you will not find a better resource!"
John Fleming, Derivative Path

"xRM has one of the best support teams I have every worked with."
Catherine Kim, Capture 3D, Inc.

"xRM has been an outstanding partner to The Detection Group in the implementation and deployment of our CRM solution. John Reed and Thave Reddi have guided us expertly in customizing MS Dynamics to the unique needs of our business with a keen eye on working quickly and efficiently, providing us outstanding value for money. I recommend XRM very highly. "
Mark Belinsky, The Detection Group, Inc

"Eduardo and Josue are incredibly responsive, thorough, helpful people. I have never experienced service like theirs. Having been responsible for customer satisfaction myself in my last job, I know how rare such individuals are to find. Whatever you’re paying them, it’s not enough. "
Sian Margaret Seitz, PMP, Bellwether Training, LLC - CRESTCOM International

"I wanted to personally let you know how much of a pleasure it has been working with Owen Scott on my CRM Dynamics project with Jopari Solutions. He has gone above and beyond with helping me prepare for the launch of this project and getting my team live and transitioned to this application. Owen has been a pleasure to work with and I hope I have the opportunity to work with him again in the future."
Darla D., Jopari Solutions, Inc.

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that I am extremely impressed with the Success Portal that you and your team have put together. ... Please give my thanks to your team for all of your hard work it shows in the XRM Success Portal!"
David Stockton, Fit4Sale

"I wanted to take a moment and provide you with some feedback regarding our experience so far. Overall, I would say your services have been great. I really appreciate your quick responses to our questions/concerns and letting us know of our options through xRM. I was completely new to CRM in general and you definitely helped by providing the necessary resources in order to move our research forward."
Sevag Keheian, Taurus Engineering

"xRM has proven to be an invaluable partner in driving CRM strategy and leading successful development of the platform for our needs. The project managers are thorough and strategically-minded, while also getting the work done at a high level of quality. Without their help we’d never have been able to find a solution to meet our unique needs."
Ryan Teeples, Foundation xRM

"Trusting XRM as our Microsoft solutions provider for the past five years has eliminated the need to worry about hardware, software, upgrades, and downtime. Our data is secure and accessible anytime, from anywhere, on any device at a remarkably affordable price."
Tammy Anthony Baker , New Orleans IT Group

"As my company looked to adopt Microsoft Dynamics CRM, xRM was an ideal partner to help facilitate this transition. Their CRM portal was a useful tool that we leaned upon heavily, and my contact, Lina Kreter, was constantly available to answer even my most basic questions. I cannot imagine integrating Dynamics into our business without the support I received from Lina along the way. Even after we had purchased our licenses and completed the sale and setup, Lina and xRM continued to be a helpful resource and the first place where we would turn for any additional training."
Preston Puckett, Green Peak Partners

"We have worked with XRM for over 6 years on a number of projects. They have delivered each and every time."
Ryan W., Media and Entertainment Executive

"xRM has been a trusted partner of AbleBridge since 2009. They host customers of our Insurance vertical solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and have always been very responsive and reliable."
Ryan Plourde, AbleBridge

"CRM is flexible, scaleable, and efficient. It has become the backbone of our business processes.The team at xRM has been incredible at taking our ideas and turning them into solutions within CRM."
Andy Bohuslavizki, Benefit National Property Management

"During our implementation of CWR, xRM worked with our evolving implementation schedule. They provided an environment for us to successfully test our product. After deployment, xRM continued to be responsive to our expanding demands for additional services. Our account manager consistently responded within the same day of receiving an inquiry. We appreciate the quality service provided by xRM."
Nancy Anthony, American Tire Distributors

"CRM is really helping keep our team organized and collaborating effectively. We have definitely taken advantage of the ability to customize it, and having such a useful data tool has proved essential to our organization."
Karli Barich, Foreign Language for Youth

"xRM has provided us outstanding service! The high quality, reliability and experience of xRM has significantly influenced the success of our business and we look forward to a continued and prosperous working relationship!"
John Buckingham, MedResults Network

"I highly recommend Owen he has been instrumental in getting CRM implemented at Trade Only, and is always happy to help. He’s really helpful, explains the logic of the processes so we can self-manage going forward, and is always very prompt. Whenever we’ve had deadlines he’s delivered."
Liz Allen, Trade Only, Inc.

"xRM, without a shadow of a doubt, has come to the rescue for my small business. With a growth of business and an expansion in employees, it was mandatory for us to ditch the old spreadsheet version and open up our own CRM. In came xRM to help build that perfect CRM catered to our exact needs."
Brent Mardesich, Tailored Transitions, Inc.

"We have been a customer of xRM since 2009. Their support and development/engineering teams respond quickly and thoroughly. I am impressed with their help, technical knowledge, attention to detail, and customer support."
Catherine Kim, Capture 3D, Inc.

"[xRM is] Absolutely a great Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner to work with. They are efficient across all fronts and continually accommodate our needs. Overall would rate them 5 out of 5."
Steve Larson, Qwest Communications International, Inc.

"We realized $3.8 million in CRM revenue on engagements run on the [xRM] platform with just a $60K investment."
Robert Lusk, Microsoft Corporation

"Their depth of expertise, professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction and the Microsoft partnership is second to none. I would highly recommend [xRM] and would eagerly work with them again on another Microsoft CRM Project."
Kevin Williams, Microsoft Consulting Services

" is awesome! I am constantly asking for quick changes and they deliver—very responsive and timely."
Alice Yee Mark, University of Southern California

"Training was awesome! I was able to perform the tasks on my own after our meeting..."
Manny Velasco, ForceProtector Gear

"The CRM Success Portal offered me a quick way to learn customizations for our company's CRM system. The step-by-step video guides and phone customer support were essential in getting our needs met quickly and easily. Thanks!"
Becky M., Elite Healthcare Partners

"[xRM] has never let us down when it comes to providing exceptional work that is always affordable, accurate and efficient. They are always looking to go the extra mile, which makes our business a part of theirs."
Jami Chapman, 401(k) Advisors

"In these challenging economic times, we’ve had to learn how to do more with less. A strong and valuable partner to LAUSD, xRM worked with us to build a modernized, flexible system that allows us to meet the needs of thousands of District employees so they can focus on the business of educating our students."
Ron Chandler, Los Angeles Unified School District

"We really felt that xRM went to bat for us to make sure we got everything we needed."
Al Prado, Paramount Pictures

"[xRM] went above and beyond the basic needs of our project!"
David Rinell, Paramount Pictures

"Our partnership with has provided great peace of mind because we have not had one minute of down time."
Gerrit Cloete, Productivity Pit Stop

"It's not often that I have had such a positive customer service experience so I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate Lina."
Lisa Kinder, Allstate Financial Services, LLC

"[xRM’s] ability to quickly understand the pain points of our business and the revenue made them instrumental to our operation. Their customization and development suggestions, not to mention their overall consulting approach, made a lot of sense to our business."
Pete Kovacs, Showtime Networks Inc.

"My entire experience with XRM has been nothing short of spectacular. Their helpful and friendly staff set the benchmark for customer service."
Michael Topper, Pacific Funding Mortgage Division