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CRM Quick Start Developer Training

CRM Quick Start Developer Training

Even for a developer experienced with the Microsoft .NET Framework, approaching a development project for Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be time-consuming because it is necessary to familiarize oneself with the API and make use of the Software Development Kit for CRM. This three-hour training, which should be broken up into three sessions, is a perfect introduction to Microsoft Dynamics CRM for .NET developers. Training is provided by senior .NET developers with at least five solid years of experience developing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In the first hour, the student downloads the SDK, installs it, and performs some basic CRUD operations via a console application. In the next session, Plug-ins and Workflow Assemblies are covered and exercises are provided to the student. In the third hour, the results of the exercises are usually discussed, but if there is time, a discussion around the actual requirements for your application can take place, and the instructor and student can design the application together. The program is flexible enough so that the third hour topic can be used at the discretion of the student if the topics are provided ahead of time. All sessions can be recorded and the student is able to stream them from a website later. We recommend that the student have at least a solid year of .NET programming experience to get the most out of this training package.

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